On my way to Sheffield

A sleepy selfie.

Morning! Are you all enjoying the long weekend?

I’m on my way up to Sheffield for a few days. Most of my time will be spent working but today I’ll be meeting up with a friend from Uni. We’re long an overdue catch up IRL and a lot of business talk. Business plans, brainstorming and research tends to be our usual topic of conversation. There’s always a SWOT analysis to be done. However, this time ’round things are starting to become a reality. The hard work is paying off and there are exciting times ahead.

Do any of you own your own business?


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  • How’s it all going? Send me an email as I’d love to hear about it.

    Buckets & Spades

    • I will have to update you soon. Once you’re back from your summer holiday – which I can’t wait to hear all about!

  • I hope the weekend was great doll, enjoy the Monday too. Have a sweet week xx

  • worshipblues

    You look beautiful! All the best with the business planning x