6 Useful Business Podcasts


Every night I listen to a couple of podcasts before I go to sleep. I’ve done this for years and I’m pretty sure it stems from listening to Roald Dahl story tapes every single night when I was little. Today’s post is going to focus on a selection of quality episodes from some of my favourite business based podcasts. The episodes I’ve selected will be useful for bloggers, entrepreneurs and any business savvy person.

Put the kettle on, crack on with work and listen to one of these useful, inspiring and educating podcasts:

Dale Partridge: How to build a cult-like following with Johnny Cupcakes

Smart Passive Income: Turning a so-so blog into a profitable brand

The $100 MBA Show: How to bounce back from failure

Duct Tape Marketing: Why your goal setting attempts fail

Six Pixels of Separation: Brand evangelism with Saul Colt

Dale Partridge: How to build a lifestyle business with Lewis Howes

What are some of your favourite business podcasts?

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  • I really like Elise Gets Crafty for small business advice and chat – there’s a different topic each week and some are more blogging or creativity focused but there’s some good stuff in there.

  • Thanks Daisy for the mention and being such an awesome listener to the show. We appreciate you!

  • Frances B

    I found the last one about Lifestyle Business truly inspiring. I’ve listened to a lot of Dale Partridge and Pat Flynn (on your recommendation of course Daisy!), so I’ll check out the others too soon!