Laser Hair Removal Treatment Is Worth The Time And Money Spent

Today’s guest post is in collaboration with Therapie Clinic. My sister is a big fan of IPL and although I’ve heard her rave about it I didn’t know or understand too much about it. Hopefully this post will help to shed some light on laser hair removal treatments to any of you who’re new to it like me.

There would be none who wouldn’t have tried sugaring, waxing, threading to get rid of unwanted hair. And it cannot be denied the procedures are painful, costly, and temporary. Though treatment options are available people are sceptical about trying light based procedures to get rid of body hair. And this concern is justified because it indicates they are serious about what their body is exposed to. 

So it’s time to bust a few myths and give clarity on why people should choose laser technology and why they should prefer doctors and laser specialists.

Backed by technology, laser hair removal is a progressive treatment that minimises hair growth to a point where shaving is not required. It is worth the time, pain, cost and provides satisfying as well as long lasting results.

What is equally important to know is– one, why laser hair removal is worth it; second, the technology behind laser hair removal.

Difference Between Laser Versus IPL Hair Removal Method

Professional Laser devices require technical knowledge, medical expertise and supervision. If done wrong it can lead to permanent scars. So why take risks? If you decide to get laser hair removal treatment, get it done by a dermatologist or certified laser hair specialist to ensure safety. 

Laser and Intense Pulse Light (IPL) are light based systems used to remove unwanted hair. Out of the two, lasers are considered the best laser hair removal method because it offers speed and good results. The outcomes are dependent on the skill of the doctor. But the success of the treatment also depends on factors like health status, stress, the quality and quantity of hair and the skin type. It is observed that the best results are seen in people having a contrast in the hair and the skin.

It is a fact that laser treatment usually requires multiple sessions – about 4 to 6 sessions- before there is a decrease in hair growth. This is because hair can be treated only when it’s in the growth phase; since this happens 4 to 6 times a year, multiple sessions are required before the permanent reduction in hair growth is witnessed.

Laser and IPL are both light-based systems. The laser uses one specific wavelength of light and targets a specific area-the focus is one hair follicle; whereas IPL uses a broader spectrum of wavelength, covers a large area and uses light pulses.

Because IPL uses scattered light for treatment, and Red blood cells have the highest absorption of this light, it is considered a milder treatment for skin irregularities, and hair removal.

Laser, on the other hand, is considered the best laser hair removal method because it directs a concentrated light on the hair follicle which burns the pigment of the hair making it weak and minimising its growth. This leads to a reduction in hair growth and a longer duration of hair-free days.

In a fast-moving world where first impressions matter a lot, and hectic schedules leave no time, lasers are a safe and fast way of getting rid of fuzz and unwanted hair. Limited by the body’s physiology, laser treatment may take some time, but the results are worth it!