Chapter 1: The past is in me

  • I found this whilst looking through an old notebook, it may be from the summer of 2005. My point of posting this is that these things are still the same of me now. I am glad that some things have not changed. I am also glad that some things have changed, a lot !


  • Finding new coffee shops with different views that let the mind walk 
  • Sitting on a bench in the middle of town. A cup of black coffee to my side and my notebook on my lap. People don’t seem to note that I am there, they keep walking to find the next sale. 
  • Taking photos, in black and white of people. 
  • Drawing pictures when I know I cant draw 
  • My mind never stops going, I get very little sleep. 
  • I love being at the airport but I’m not keen on flying. Until I’m up in the air I realise I should never have worried about that take off. 
  • Reading books while my friends sleep