music and daydreaming

Another day at work trying to come up with ways of making money… quickly ! I haven’t had too much luck!

So today consisted of playing lots of music and daydreaming!

Here is a play list for today of some of the pretty songs I had on

1- French Dog Blues – Babyshambles
2- Chubby Princess – Adam Green
3- Help Me Rhonda – The Beach Boys
4- Song For Sunshine – Belle & Sebastian
5- To You Alone – The Better Band
6- Atomic – Blondie
7- Willie And The Hand Jive – Bo Diddley
8- Swinging From The Gallows Tree – captain black
9- The Only One I Know – The Charlatans
10- Peach, Plum, Pear – Joanna Newsom

Healthy lunch number 2 ! Even though i am not very keen prawns… but it was nice and felt healthy. Oh and lots of cups of green tea !