5 reasons to go to a festival in another country

5 Reasons you should go to a festival in a different country:
  1. It’s bound to be sunny and hot. This means you can pack dresses, shorts and pretty hats – no need for rain boots.
  2. People at Benicassim seemed friendlier than those who I had met at Glastonbury. It means that you not only meet lots of people with the same interests as yourself but people from other countries and many different walks of life.
  3. You can make the whole trip into one big adventure. Incorporate it into a holiday. Many people were staying on at Benicassim for a week or so, some were heading back to Barcelona and others were going traveling to other countries.
  4. The best part of a festival away from home is that you have the opportunity to experience different cultures and their own style of music. Having the chance to hear Spanish bands who I may not have come across at home was exciting and opened up a whole new world of music to me.
  5. Finally I noticed that the bands changed their music a little in comparison to the gigs they do here in England and what I saw at Glastonbury. For example Lightspeed Champion and Babyshambles were much more rock than they normally are. They both sounded fantastic and it made the whole experience a lot more fun and gave their music a new twist. I have seen Lightspeed 4 times this year and at Benicassim they were their best I have seen them !
For balance:

Here are 5 reasons to maybe not head to a festival in another country:

  1. You will wake up at 7am by the hot hot sunshine, unable to breathe and very very hot.


  • It can end up costing a lot. Unless you already have savings then be careful before you book that ticket. We had to take a lot of taxis and trains throughout the whole trip.
  • I saw lots of English people burnt to a crisp. So if you don’t like wearing suncream then don’t bother risking it.
  • If you do not like having to walk a lot ( 40/50 mins ) to get to the beach then don’t bother. It’s worth it once you get there, but in the hot sun it really was draining, especially heading back to the camp.
  • The only other thing I can think of is; if you are a fussy eater then make sure you are going somewhere you can get hold of food you are happy to eat. A friend of mine purchased food several times and did not eat it. It was normal enough food as well (chicken and chips) but he was not too happy.

    Overall the advantages are better than the drawbacks, so I suggest you all try it at least one overseas festival.