Hand out some smiles, it might make someones day!

I’m back at work. Sitting here and out looking out at the wind and cold, I’m pretty sure it’s trying to rain. If it does rain I wont mind, I sometimes like to watch the rain, especially when I’m lucky enough to have somewhere warm to be.

I’ve made a┬álist of the simple things that please me in life and sometimes it’s easy to forget about them, or take them for granted.

Here are a few things that make me smile:
  • Smiling at people walking down the street.
  • When I go to bed and it rains, I can hear the rain hitting the skylight. Its so beautiful.
  • The water buzz in the fish tank, if it’s not there I miss it.
  • Being on the train and watching people read or write in their diary.
  • Sitting in a coffee shop and writing in my diary. Or sometimes just thinking and watching the coffee addicts rushing in and out of the shop to get their early morning fix – although I’m sitting there doing the same thing.
  • Giving my mum a hug before I leave the house each day.
  • Analyzing photos I have taken – old and new.
  • Of course I love to day dream too.

I would love to know what little things make you smile.