I am not trying to wish summer away but. . . . .

I’m not trying to wish the summer away but I really can’t wait for autumn and winter.

Here’s why:

Plaid – Matthew Williamson and House Of Holland have some fantastic styles, as well as Viv Westwood. I’m thinking tartan skirts, boots, plain and warm tops with some warm tights – perfect for university.

Both Marc Jacobs

I am really looking forward to stocking up on some interesting new tights for the cold days!

Emilio Cavallini and Celeste Stein have some very cool ones. Epensive but maybe for the one off pair you could spoil yourself ! I wear them most days and find that stores such as Topshop and Next cost around £6 and do not last so long where as these ones do. However for my everyday use I stick to Primark/Next.

You can find lots here at: http://www.mytights.com/

Due to not having very long legs I don’t think the stripes would be amazing for me, unless worn with VERY high boots.

I’m also loving lace at the moment.