Rooibos Lady

So, I’m moving back to Manchester, very soon as well. I need to sort out an apartment real quick. Oh and I think I should apply for a job this year, which I am going to do as soon as I’ve finished this post.

I am thinking of applying to Apple ( geeky, I know ) , Starbucks, Topshop and a few music shops.

I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and having a bit of fun as well as trying hard at uni to get a good grade. Its funny, I was going to live at home but then decided I do need to move back to Manchester. This means most of my friends are sorted for living. I don’t mind having somewhere on my own.

Camera Worries

I am taking photos for two nights at the end of September and my camera is broken, as you all know. I’ve sent it away and it’s going to cost £162 to fix !!!! Yes I know. I am sorting the paper work out today and I shall send it late on this afternoon. I feel lost without my camera – that sounds so stupid.

( Prostitutes & Policemen )

Health and Fitness

On a healthy note I went swimming last night. I loved it, the hard bit was getting into the water. After that it was fine and it helps that I enjoy swimming. I think I shall go again today and try and keep it up as I really want to tone up. Then maybe when I go back to Manchester I can carry it on.

A little tip: I am a big fan of tea (and coffee) and I have been drinking Roobios tea for the past few months. I have had it for the past few years but it took me a while to get used to the taste. As I have been having it rather than coffee and normal tea I decided to have a look at where it comes from and such. This is what I found out:

– It is also known as red bush tea
– The Rooibos shrub ( Aspalathus Linearis) only grows in the North western cape of South Africa.
– In Africa people drink it with milk and sugar. I have only ever had it without
– It is becoming more popular as it as high levels of antioxidants
– Caffeine free
– It is good if you have headaches, colic, asthma, hay fever and insomnia. I can say it does help with sleep and headaches.
– Something else i did not know is that it helps with skin conditions such as eczema ( which i have ) and a few others.
– “The tea can either be applied to the skin, used as a wash or a drench for the hair to relive dry, itchy scalp, or used in skincare products such as soaps and cleansers. Hospitals in South Africa routinely use rooibos in baths forchildren with allergic skin conditions, as well as giving it as a drink”
– Last but not least it makes you less hungry between meals.

I really like the box of this one I got the other week.

A bad thing :
It stains teeth and can prevent the absorption of iron in the body.– I think this must be if you are drinking a lot of it.

I am glad i did this little bit of research and if you are a fan of herbal teas it is useful to know. Even if you are not this tea could help you with some problems.

I will carry on working on my fashion post for a little later 🙂

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