I was tagged by Men are from mars

6 unimportant things that i love…..

1.I love to watch people on the train and analyze their movements

2.I love that I take photos everyday of what I wear yet never post them here..I need courage.

3. I have no idea what to do with my life

4. I love sippin coffee and writing about my day

5. Daydreaming

6. Passing the man who gives me my MENpaper everyday outside the train station. He can read my like a book. Ill have to tell you more about him!

I am not so sure who to tag… so anyone can take this on 🙂

Also here are some pretty things I loved looking at today.

Both th shoes and tights I love love love ! I had totally forgot i had saved these photos..

Love can come in so many ways… and every kind is wondrous…

Ant and Bee was my most fave book when i was little. This was my birthday cake on my 3rd birthday!

This photo makes me smile, my boyfriend took it and it is of my and my friend. We were and Benicassim festival this summer and it was sosososo hot ! Yuk ! But what fun we did have !

I do hope everyone has a very happy christmas!