Clothes show live….A let down….

I thought I would take a little break from writing an essay about Evolution V Revolution.I went to the clothes show at the weekend and I have to say it was a BIG let down. I enjoyed the fashion/dance show, that was fun. However, I expected to see some of the clothes from the catwalk for sale here. But no, at the end of the show I found out that I’d only be able to find the clothes on the website – bit rubbish!

As soon as we entered the NEC , which is where it was beeing held we were sturck with 100’s of “market stalls ” selling market type clothes. I felt I had walked into the market section of the arndale. The clothes and accessories wre cheap quality and cheap cheap cheap I cant explain how dissapointed I was.

There was a few “special” stalls which were enclosed and you had to line up to get in, but again to me, these were nothing amazing. They consisted of Pauls boutique, all saints, junk food and juicy couture. I am not a fan of any to be honest. So girls mainly, all dressed the same stood waiting to get into these special sections.

I really did find this experience a let down, I guess I just thought there would be more specialised, unusal things. There was nothing I had not seen before !!

This is a link to the show:

I will post the pictures of the few things I managed to get ( including some little miss chatterbox pjs) when I get home.

I am at my boyfriends house doing essays, IĀ best get back to it šŸ™

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