A few things I would like to share with you…

A friend introduced me to books by Sabrina Ward Harrison
The link above takes you to her website.

They are so creative and interesting, relating to everyday life and thoughts I have ! I think you will find them very interesting. If you click me you will be hopefully taken to the amzon page where you can read about the books and see inside some of them. I hope to buy one soon so I can tell you more about them.

Another inspiring artist/website is that of Amy Eckler. I found this webpage not long ago and have taken her idea of saving bits of rubbish and scrap papers you may throw away without a second thought. They can be used for your journals/notebooks and add that somehting extra to a simple page.


You can also see more of her journal pages here at her flickr site.

I love have a sneaky peak into peoples journals and there are pleanty of groups on the internet where you can display your work and view others. Such as:
Journals and letters

I also love old/new letters, love letters, sorry letters, i miss you letters.
I prefer them so much to emails- They are more personal, and you know people have taken time and effort to write and post the letter.
It is such a perfect feeling to recieve a letter from a friend, family memeber, lover in the post. The excitement of waiting for the postman, carefully opening the envelope andenjoying every word on the paper.

I know that the lovely ladies from Daisy Chain Dreams and WishWishWish is also a fan of writing letters.

I hope you do too.

Maybe take some time to send someone a letter, make it interesting and speical. Private jokes, a pretty picture prehaps.
You could always send me a letter 🙂




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