Try something new week 1:

Hello ! This week has been spent filling out an application form ( it took a very long time ), doing homework whilst painting my nails, drinking coffee and the yummy biscuits of which you can see the pretty wrapper in the second photo.
I have been rather sociable as well this week, seeing a few friends from uni which I’d not seen in a while. I am trying to get myself a bit more motivated in university and in other aspects of my life. This was started this week by playing La Crosse for the first time – It was fun and an interesting sport compared to so many, Its been so long since I have done anything like that so it made a nice and tiring change , Oh I was not so good at catching the ball but I’m sure that will come with practice. To take it one step further I went for a run as well which really killed me even though my boyfriend thought I was not trying. My legs are still hurting since Monday.
Have any of you ever played La Crosse? It is a fun sport which is played alot in North america or so i believe ! You can see a photo of a Crosse below !
I may also be trying a dance class, I danced for… wait for it…. 3 months ! hehehe and I have always wanted to give it more of a go, mainly for fitness and fun to be honest !

I do suggest that you should try soemthing new with in the next few weeks. I was really nervous doing it but I am so glad i did ( I have wanted to pop down to the la crosse training for a long time, maybe 2 years now and never got round to it due to being a little self concious) ! So i do think you should forget all worries and try soemthing new ! Pluss it looks fantastic on your cv and different from saying you go to the gym .
( So try soemthing new, be it a sport or a language class )
Today I want to help someone else with their work :
If any of you could be so kind to contact this lovely lady and let her know if you could send her any of your “to do lists” or “shopping lists” I am sure it would make her day !!!She is doing an art project and really needs a bit of help. I saw her add on gumtree and as I know a lot of you are a big fan of writing lists I was sure a few of you would be happy to help her out as I plan to !
Her email is :
[email protected]