Another busy week and DIY

I have been so busy, I’m sorry for the lack of updates and keeping up to date with your blogs. I’ve been in the library ’til 11:00 from Friday till Tuesday ( as well as a lot of work and research for two weeks) working on a group project which was handed in on wednesday as well a presentation.

Here are two necklaces I have made:

Not an amazing photo I know but for now it is all I have. I have 3 more essays to get started!

I am looking forward to a few days at home. I am missing home comforts, these are my pretty fairy lights which I have posted before, They look so perfect in my room at home, I didn’t want to take them down.

Hope you’re all well, thanks for sticking with me.¬†Thanks for your comments as always, I’ll get onto reading your blogs.

To do this week:

  1. Catch up on blogs
  2. Do my research for ethics and think of a question
  3. Reply to letters
  4. Go to the Dr’s as I have awful ear pains.
  5. Oh and apply for grad jobs… maybe
  6. Make some more goodiesDaisy xx