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I did this whole post, photos and everything before, thought I had posted it but it didn’t work and it’s not in my drafts. Very strange. However, here is my second attempt.

10 Things I love:

1- My family and friends
2- Makying up stories
3- Smiling at people who I walked past on the street
4- The man who hands me my paper outside the station – he really can read me like a book, and always puts a smile on my face.
5- Reading and getting idea from everyones blogs
6- Sitting in a coffee/tea shop and watching people hurry on by
7- Walking through the station even though I dont have to, when heading to my flat
8- Writing letters
9- Waking up to a lovely text message
10- Looking at other peoples scrapbooks/journals

10 Thing I Loathe: I dont “loathe” things so much.. however..
1- I dont like to walk past homeless people and ignore them
2- I dont like rude people
3- I dont like selfish people
4- I am not keen on mayo!
5- I dislike public toilets
6- I dont like it if I have spent lots of money on clothes and then I see people who have nothing..
7- I dont like how little self belief i have
8- Im not keen on butterflies
9- I dont like to say I “hate” thingd
10- Im not crazy about having my photo taken ( and yet i love taking photos)

10 Random Facts:

1- I am set on NOT becoming a corporate drone… even though I study business
2- I enjoying going to the gym (when I actually get there)
3- I like to give/raise money for chairty when I can:
4- I can play the piano
5- I get full satisfaction from helping others
6- I keep a notebook/journal/livejournal/scrapbook
7- I like comics and reading
8- I take my camera almost everywhere
9- I love tea and coffee/any kind
10-I just got an xbox


Daisy x x