Another little something to share – This time its a blog !

Confessions Of A Balmaholic – A lip balm review blog!

I found this blog through a group I belong to on LiveJournal and I think it is useful, pretty and very clear a lot of hardwork and passion goes into this blog !

I took the following text from the blog:

Why Lip Balm?

I was born legally blind with Achromatopsia, making me 100% colorblind (among other things that aren’t worth mentioning at this point). Being totally colorblind has it’s limitations, obviously, such as knowing what color lipstick or eyeshadow I’m putting on. While I can stick to things that I “know” look good (AKA someone who can see colors told me it looks good), it gets boring, and I end up feeling like I’m lacking some serious variety in my cosmetic life.

And so, an obsession with lip balm is born.

So to find out a little more of the following lipbalms and a lot more check out this website.

The photos will link you to the blog as well!

Oh and dont forget to check out the contest !
In celebration of the grand opening there is a fun raffle !
The prize is two of the top lip balms at the time !
Email your FULL NAME to: [email protected]

Daisy ! xx