Daisy visits the South of England

Oh yes !! I have been buying back to school goodies even though I am no longer going back to school / college or even university ! I miss the fact I shall not be going back !

However its time for new doors to open !

As soon as I got home from Munich I took a trip down to the South of England where I met my family and spent a few weeks there. It was quite lovely and the weather was so perfect – sunshine, beach huts, reading and sipping tea was mainly how the weeks were spent !

We did visit London on my first day there as it was only a little away on the train. My mum sister and I had a fantastic day, it was sunny and we visited many pretty shops and drank tea whilst sneaking a little cup cake.

Then as soon as I got home i started on redecorating my room. As it is a funny shape I am doing it a little at a time. I have done half and Im now sorting everything into the room again and unpacking !

I found these very cute stickers which I got in London and thought I had left there. I was so happy I had not, so they can now be used for letters, postcards and notebooks !

Two sheets of black and brown stickers – How pretty !

Last night was spent reading old copies of National Geographic which I had not looked at in a long time. You can also see my new\old blazer from the local charity shop for just £4.00 !! Yes i know , nice and cheap and the fact it is navy blue and has nautical buttons just tops it off nicely !! I never usually find blazers in the charity shops round here, well at least ones that I like ! So it was a nice find ! It is a little big well very big, but I love the way it sits and means its a little longer than it would normally be !

Photos to come!