Whilst at work……

I have been dreaming about my last trip to Rome a few years back.
I am now learning Italian ( and really enjoying the language) and hope to visit there this year (academic year – which includes 1010) to practice what I learn.
I love seeing old men in the cafe smoking and playing cards. It is such a European trait and one which I love so much!

The coffee was amazing, this one (of many) was on a perfect cobble street and as we walked past the smell of coffee and fresh hot choc just made us walk back and pop in.

This was when I had my 350D for the first time, the first trip it had been on ! I managed on the third day to delete ALL photos on my camera. I was not a happy girl… However many more photos were taken but I still miss those ones I shall never see.
20 Mins of rain did not matter as it looked so pretty as I hid just outside my hotel room!

No flash please !

I hope everyone is well, I have been working a lot and applying for graduate jobs still…
What are you doing this weekend??