Happy Christmas

It’s boxing day today (as if you did not know) and I am packing my bag as I am going down south with my parents for a week or so.¬†On Christmas day my family and I went to visit my auntie and had Christmas there, along with my grandma of course. I just want to wish a happy Christmas to my family in Iran, Greece, Germany, Spain and America.

The sun is out today and it is a lot warmer, this means the snow is melting and this makes me a little sad.

I went for a walk the other evening well it must have been about 10:00 the snow was falling really heavy and very quick, so a walk in wellies , pjs and a big coat was just perfect ! It really was a night to remember. I stood on my road looking up at the sky and catching snow flakes on my tongue. It was so perfect, I would love to go back to that moment every night.

I hope everyone had a lovely christmas !xx