Let your legs sparkle

A lack of sleep
A lot of coughing
Sipping lemon + honey + hot water / all in one glaass of course !
Work work work !
Work uniform most days!
and there you have it ….
My week so far !

I tend to live in pumps… not the kind with heals – the kind which are also known as plimsoles . You know, the black ones we wore at primary school, the white ones we had when we avoid cross country at high school.

Due to the rain they are not very good for this time of year. I have a few new pair of booties and these are one. They are Topshop ones. I have seen other bloggers in them – but not many people in the little town I live in.
Some of you love / some of you hate them.

I like them, they keep the rain out, they fit perfect and they go with all my tights.

I am very sleepy and have a cold so im going to go to bed soon to listen to music and keep the fairy lights on of course !

The music for tonight will be from the lovely Joanna Newsom – It took me a while to pick two videos from Youtube.. but here you go!