Just home from snapping the night away…

I have just got back from doing some photos for the Healthy Choice Awards, which was very enjoyable and I am now very sleepy and up early. Fingers crossed I sleep.. I am rubbish with sleep in general.I am really craving a lovely cup of coffee like this
( but lets be honest, its going to be a cup of rose tea )

Listen to some Oasis
( I will be listening on my headphones and not live…clearly)

To curl up just like this and have a nap

Oh and here are some useful websites I found in the Sainsbury magazine aggges ago.. I am not sure if I already showed you them, but here they are anyway.

I have joined TimeBank and I am hoping to do some volunteering with them ! Do-it is another fab site, which I am yet to join, however it is on my to do list this week ! Which by the way keeps getting longer and longer !

Oh and do check out http://www.responsibletravel.com/ !
It has lots of Gap year travel ideas to help local people, the environment and to develop yourself! Of course they also have other sections including one on Volunteer travel !

I know thats some of you will be very interested by these sites and others may not ! But I thought I would share them anyway as I have found some interesting things on them !

I think I was mant to be going to bed ??

Oh one more thing… A big thank you to each and every lovely reader I have and each of you who comment or do not, thank you for stopping by!

Good night ! xx