Betsey Johnson – Fall Winter 2010/2011

I just love seeing a sneaky peak behind the final product – why ? Well girls in hair rollers having their make up applied and photograhers knocking about taking photos..that is why!

Screen caps from the video !

Hair in pig tails/bunches…messy ones! This is fantastic, I often have my hair like this and although I think it makes me look a bit young ( yes I got asked for i.d to buy a lotto ticket the other day (I am 22) )but I just really like messy piggy tails!

What will I be taking note of and using ?!

Lots more dark eyes
Bring on the big hair
Super duper bright colours with black
Kelly Osbourne looking fab- Maybe I need a moustache too!
Delightful oversized jumpers
oh…and a shot of attitude and sparkle !

I must one day get to a Betsey Johnson show, I really must and I can not wait to see more videos from this !