Men on Monday

Hello everyone, I hope this week is filled with inspiration, good luck and love – infact I hope that these things always feature in your week!

I feel my blog (and life) needs a little structure.

Maybe it will be fashion based, model based, music, photography, computer games or i do not know but it will be based on something and will feature every Monday ! Oh and also on a Wednesday there will be more structure.. but with a focus on women who inspire in many ways !
So here is to Men on Monday:

Fashion: The sunshine showed his face a little today, so I have been thinking about summer clothes !

Vivienne Westwood man s/s 2009- milan
– Snap back a little – I really did enjoy this collection and I am still thinking trousers with stripes is the way to go !

Photography : Terry Richardson: I love a sneaky look behind the scences so this time it is a video you can see his work back on this post.

Film: Tim Burton – Director – I also mentioned him back here

I adore all his work and he inpires me ( and no doubt others ) so very much. He just has a wonderful mind and I would love to take a peek in there one day and again, like many others, I would love to work with this fantastic man ! When teamed with Johnny Depp ( view here ) the fun gets even more extreme, two very unique, talented and very fun men and not at all your usual Hollywood creatures ! ! Do check out Tim’s delightful website:

One of my top Tim Burton films

Oh and I am so excited to see Alice in Wonderland which comes out on March 5th !