Wayne Hemingway Ft Lily Allen

What about a fashion festival !?

“It’s like bringing the Venice Biennale, London Fashion Week, the London Design Festival, a bit of the Edinburgh Fringe, a bit of Glastonbury and the Festival of Britain, and taking the best of all that and trying to create more of a whole with it,” Hemingway tells The Guardian.

What will we find at this fashion festival:
roller disco, a 40s-style nightclub and a recreation of the Northern Soul venue Wigan Casino

So is this one of the new ventures of Lily Allen ..along side her her other venture, a shop “Lucy in Disguise” where you will be able to go and rent wondrous clothes without paying the heavy price tag ! A fantastic idea I think, as we all tend to want to wear new things each time we go out and that can get rather expensive ! To be able to rent delightful dresses which we may not normally be able to afford is quite something and as a fan of Lily’s style I think this all sounds quite promising !

Ahhh I just read that Lily will be launching her fashion collection at the event ! 🙂
I read that here

erm….back to the point of my post !
So Wayne Hemingway is starting his own festival…a bit of Glastonbury, Fringe and LFW they say
…… I think that sounds like heaven!

What do you make of it ?? I would love to be involved with somehting like this – the events organisation side, photography, music, fashion ! it has everything I love all rolled into one ! some social media? i.will.do.anything !

I found about this at Vogue : Link me