Avoiding the road to destruction

Right now things are a bit of a blur, I have so much going on in my mind that I can not quite focus on only one of those things! I am in the process of deciding what step to take next. There are many different path ways I could go down, many different roads and lanes that will take me to new and exciting places. It is just coming to a decision on which one of these to take and to hopefull avoid the road the destruction! I am spending this sunny ( but cold ) Sunday revocering from a sudden loss of energy and health in Manchester on Saturday ( which spoilt my weekend ) and making lists and diagrams ( yes I am a nerd ) of the different options I have open to me ! I hope to feel fully better on Monday so that I can go back to the city for a few days and mull over my ideas and such !

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and here is a relaxing and calming photo I took this morning for you all.