This is what i use …

Hallo lovely people !
Here you go, a little product post of what I am using at the moment!

I wont lie – I am quite lazy when it comes to applying creams, removing make up or even spending much time on my hair. I am trying to train my self to get a little better and my skin is really the kind which needs to be looked after !

I have found that each of these products are good for dry / sensitive skin.

Estee Lauder Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Creme – I got this for my birthday a few weeks back and I am so glad ! It is delightful to use…as I have quite dry skin at this time of year ( going from a warmhouse into really cold weather ) I really like to use a night cream during the day as they tend to be a lot thicker!

Well, this does the job…the cream is quite thick, dries clear and does not leave you looking shiny at all. It keeps my skin full of moisture all day so I do not find I need to re-apply it!

It is to be used as both a day and night cream, so it may be a little more expensive but there is no need to have a seperate night cream!

I have also found that only a tiny blob needs to be used and it will go a long way!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair – More of a serum than a cream, it has a pippett and just one little blob will do the whole of your face and neck.

Estee Lauder say that anyone with skin needs this ! Well I guess it is one of those things which you will never know till you try ! I adore it…if I could I would love to have a bath in it ( even though I am not a big fan of having a bath – I would make an exception for this ) as it has done a good job at getting rid of eczema and the likes from my neck and face !

Aussie Volume shampoo – It smells wondrous, makes your hair feel soft and I do feel that my hair looks as though it has more volume after I have used it.

If I leave my hair to dry naturally with only a light blow dry on the top my hair becomes pretty “big” which is what we want…yes!? It also seems to bring out any hidden curls ( I once had a light wave perm and some curls seem to still be knocking about ) !

I think the best thing about Aussie Volume is that it really makes your hair easy to style once washed and anything else you add to your hair ( products/blow drying ) will be adding to the volume and it seems to hold all day.

I think I should really do some photos of my hair to go with this. I think it will have to be in a follow up post however !

Bio Oil – When I tell people I use this they always want to know (obviously) does it work or not?

When I first got this I had no idea if it would work .. only hope ! I had quite a few scars on my legs from when I was younger from falling over, eczema and many clumsy accidents! I should really dig out a before and after photo ( once again ) but I think Im still too shy of how they did look to put the before photo on here. . . ! Maybe I will, I dont know.

Snap back to reality….
I am a big Bio oil fan and not only has it gradually got rid of / faded the scars on my legs it has also made my skin delightfully soft. As I said before my skin is quite dry as opposed to oily and Bio oil has really helped to keep my skin at a really heatly and moistured balance for a good while! Sometimes boots have a 3 for 2 offer which is always a good way to stock up! Ohhh and you can also buy it from Amazon a lot cheaper !

I hope some of you found some use from these very short and quick reviews.. I did not want to write too much as I know it can be boring and I do realise that photos would go along better with my reviews..I may edit or do a follow up post !

I hope everyone is well and as always thank you to all my followers/readers !