It’s true…I heart tea!




Necklace: Topshop sale.
This necklace is quite ideal for me, I found it knocking about in Topshop’s may have been about £2.00, Im not overly sure but it was not more than £3.00 ! That is usually as much as I want to spend on a necklace from Topshop/Urban Outfitters and other high street stores, so I tend to only buy such things in the sale. I have purchased full priced jewellery from high street shops over the past few years and have never really felt they have been worth the price I have paid. A necklace or two from Urban Outfitters decided to turn my skin green ( do not fear, it washed off easily ) but I did not enjoy having a green patch on my neck from the cheap material for half a day ! Oh, and also I just find that they do tend to break/not last for very long ! So there you go, I am a bit of a tight arse when buying jewellery from the high street, I would rather spend a little bit extra and get something I know will last…or.. just buy stuff in the sale !