Lets all make our house look pretty..

Hello all !

Shopping in general is fun don’t you think? Be it for myself or gifts for my friends and family ! The ease of online shopping is quite naughty really, but it can be nice to just spend a little while browsing for inspiration ! My attention has been taken by CSN websites, they sell everything you would need for your home! I really like their lighting website and have found a few things I think would suit my room well…I could maybe even go as far as saying I need them !

I really like this quirky lamp!

R.V. Astley Chaplin One Light Table Lamp in Brass

Even though I am living back at home with my parents ( ohh I do miss my uni days, though I am quite content in my job ) I still browse, search for inspiration and even by the odd things for my own place!

The other thing I tend to be searching for all over the internet and on my travels is equipment for baking/cooking ! I just adore finding time after work or at the weekend to whip up a meal or a batch of cupcakes ! Check out: http://www.cookwarebycsn.co.uk/ !

I am being tempted by:

Kenwood K-Mix Hand Mixer in Raspberry

Faringdon Bakers Pride Non Stick Mini-Heart Cake Tin Set

I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday !