A little bit of info…

This photo I took a while back of a little pick ‘n’ mix makes me feel like a kid whenever I look at it! Strawbs that could pull your teeth out, milky bottles and icey cups… how naughty ! Im avoiding such sweets at the moment as well as choc and other such sugar goods ! I guess im lucky in that these are not the foods I am craving, Im such a carb addict and I really wish I was not. However bread is just lovely !
I have a few posts I am planning to get onto over the next few nights after I get home from work! I am also looking forward to catching up with your blogs !
A few things that may / may not interest you !
CountryFile Photography competition – Click here – The theme this year is ‘A Moment of Magic‘ you can interpret it anyway but make sure the “photo captures a magical moment that makes the rest of us wish we’d been there to see it”. – The deadline is Friday 27th August !


I know I bang on about these guys all the time but I LOVE TeaPigs ! They now have a fab collection of gadgets, including mugs, teapots and flasks !

Have you seen Inception?! –
Dissecting ‘Inception’: Six Interpretations and Five Plot Holes – See here !