A’kin Hair Care: Jojoba & Lavender Conditioner

A’kin Hair Care
Jojoba & Lavender Conditioner

Normal and oily hair…


What will A’kin hair care do for you ?!“light conditioning and natural lustre to fine or oily hair” I am sad to say that this conditioner was a little too light for my hair, I have quite thick hair so I feel my hair would benefit from my usual heavier conditioners. I tended to have to use quite a lot ( whilst fighting to get it out of the akward lid ) and it did make my hair smell delightful but as I said it really was not for my hair ! This was another product that my lucky sister found fantastic for her hair ( she has oily hair ) and even though her hair is quite thick she found that using a big blob of A’kin conditioner did the job !

I decided to use A’kin when I had a shower before bed as the smell was lovely and relaxing! Oh and as you know, lavender is meant to help you sleep well!

I would be more keen to say that if you tink this conditioner is for you , that you should invest in the 500ml pump pack on the pure fact that the bottle for this ( though pretty ) was a nightmare to get the lovely smelling stuff out !

Worth it ?
If £7.49 is what your happy to spend on such products and your hair is oily , then I would say yes ! But I do not think I will be buying this one in the future and for that reason, Im out !