Evolve Beauty Skin Cocoon Body Wash Dry | sensitive skin


A 200ml bottle of this is: £8.49

If like me you have sensitive skin and find yourself having to use fragrance free, plain stuff all the time then Evolve Skin Cocoon body wash is for you ! It is sulfate free and is made from aloe vera, coconut and sugar extracts!

Sulfate free !? – Below is a must read …
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Used as a foaming ingredient and emulsifier. The popularity of SLS in toiletries has decreased in recent years because it is thought to be too harsh to use on the skin. It strips the skins natural oils and can denature (destroy) eye & skin protein.” – The effects ? – Eye irritant, can cause eczema, skin irritation and dry skin. ( Taken from MyPure

You can use this body wash in the shower (obviously) and also as a bath milk, which as you can imagine you just pop a little into your bath to give you a lovely smelling bath and it will make your skin nice and soft too! Sometimes I wish I could enjoy a bath, it really does nothing for me though so I shall stick to showers!

Once again, this is another product I am likely to buy ! 

Also, I would like to direct to you to the MyPure Chemical check list, it is really interesting and good to know especially if you have eczema and to generally be aware of. Yes, I know almost everything can cause cancer but it is good to be aware of and avoid certain chemicals if you can !