My Tuesday

I don’t like days off work, I would much rather be there getting tasks done and sorted. However, the second day this week I am not in work. I have put some time to doing some social media related tasks from home, sent a few emails and have been making some plans.. this is better than nothing !
I keep telling myself I am a lot better than all of a sudden my body kicks back and gives me the wake up call that I need to have a rest. .  Im not into having a rest. It’s something I need to learn maybe ! Now I have done a little work I do feel I can stop and let myself get better. I think I will make some soup watch Deadwood and read a little for the rest of the day. Oh and some music – Mflow of course. 
I am still on the look out for a coat and due to having a cold/bug I think I need to speed the search up a little. Oh and I think I will invest in a pair of ear muffs to go under my many hats ill wear during winter. I would like a navy coat, but I don’t know much else about how I want my coat to look. I have seen a few pretty ones online but they just are not what I am looking for. I am very fussy when it comes to coats, I don’t really like to wear a coat so it can’t be too warm, nor too heavy or bulky. Ill try and compile a list of a few I liked, I would like one in the style of the sailor Topshop coat from last year or the navy and red one from UO. 
Enough about a coat. 
Do you ever get a cold nose?! I almost always do as soon as winter hits ! Nose warmer ?!