A beauty products – Three products I have in my bag/pocket at the moment..

Here are three products that are in my bag at the moment, they are ideal for this cold weather as each on keeps your skin in a lovely condition. Cold weather lips?! Hell no. I have got everything over the past two weeks, Boots have a buy two get one free bit of fun going on – I got 2 x Burt’s Bee and 2 x Botanics body wash. The Hemp was on offer at Body Shop for buy one get one half price ! You may have a friend hosting a Body Shop party and they still have the offer on as I have just made a second order of Hemp! 
– 100% natural – No junk !
– Obviously fab for this cold weather we are having!

Body Shop – Hemp Lip Protector 
– Fantastic for very dry skin

Body Shop – Hemp Hand Protector 
– This is also fab for very dry skin. Actually, everything in the Hemp range is very very good and worth buying if you have dry skin or to keep your skin soft over winter !