Get well soup lady

I have the what better to do when being stuck in the house so you don’t spread germs?!…I made soup and it is blooming easy ! 
1 – Decided what soup you want ! There was watercress, leaks and potatoes in the house…so I went with that ! Always remember – make it what you want…if you don’t like something I have put in then change it ! 
2 – Chop chop chop the lot up and pop the butter in the pan whilst your doing this. How much ?! Well just a spoonful I say, that is what I used anyway ! Remember it’s up to you…don’t get stuck to rules!
3 – Pop it all into the pan and cover with hot water ! 
4 – Leave to simmer  ( lid on )
5- Add a little salt and pepper.. if you like !
6- Once all the veg is soft and tender .. ( usually about 30 mins later ) drain the veg and get it into a blender…blend until your happy with the texture and then pop it back in the pan and it is ready to serve ! 
I stopped taking photos as I felt rubbish so these photos will have to do for you!  
This is not only good for when you ill but you may not have noticed – I kid I kid – you will have noticed we are in autumn/fall …the leaves and weather are a huge sign but so is the return of Autumnwatch ! One of my fave nature shows that I seriously do get excited to watch. Back to the soup point, soup is ideal to make for lunch at work on these cold days or for curling up in front of the tv watching Autumn watch