A change of Saturday…

As soon as I got to the station I got a call from S, saying not many people had turned up so I didn’t have to go into work to do photos. This was quite nice as I was happy to have a day at home. So I had a quick look around town and then went home. I also seem to be getting a cold again, well a sore throat so I think it did me good to get back into the warm and do things round the house ! 
I made some cupcakes, however they were a little heavy. I have made them so many times but this time I didn’t really measure things so well…it was partly because of a lack of butter ! Oh well, they taste good and it is a lesson to learn for next time ! Silly me.


Dazed and Confused, it came through my door the other day so I finally had the chance to have a sit down and flick through the pages. This issue is a little 3d and you get a pair of glasses with it so you can enjoy it in all the 3d goodness it is offering. Anyway, I got didn’t have chance to look at it for long as I found myself writing out an idea I has for a project at work.