A train twice a day !

Huddersfield train station
I have been taking the same train everyday for a few months now. I always tend to get onto the section after first class, were there is room for bikes and big bags. I like to sit there because I know I will get a seat and not having that feeling of being burried alive that the other busy parts of the train give you. I can sit down, have my coffee/tea and read my book.
I get the train so early in the morning that it is not only be who is still half asleep. Each person has a tea or coffee in hand and are tip tapping away on an Iphone, Blackberry (other smartphones too), Ipads and laptops to get ready for the busy day ahead. Many then switch part way to their book and appear so content as they fade away into what they are reading, before the race out of the station and splitting in different directions.
I do the same….exactly the same.