A’kin Body Wash Review !


A’kin Body Care: Sandalwood Body Wash for all skin types !

Another sulfate free product sent to me by the lovely people at MyPure ! As I have mentioned before sulfate is not so good for the skin, especially for those of us with sensitive skin and eczema!

My skin had no reaction to Sandalwood Body Wash…sometimes I get little heat lumps over my skin when I have used a product with sulfate in ! I have found this out by experimenting with different products and I think it is sulfate which causes these heat lump things ! Anyway, as I was saying, this fab body wash was just fine for my very sensitive skin and I also have noticed a lot of my eczema is going which of course is always a bonus no matter the reason!

This body wash does not have a strong smell, it has a light spicy and calming smell ! I have really been enjoying using this a little splodge goes a long way ! Oh and you can also use it to wash your clothes.. I have a few items I hand wash and have used the body wash as a soap.

£7.49 for a 225ml bottle of this is well worth it… especially if you have sensitive skin. Yes, yes I know I keep banging on about that but I am really amazed by how much more calm my skin has been since using the products from MyPure ! I will buy this again and I am actually thinking of getting my mum some for Christmas.. I have a little list of things I think I will be getting as Christmas gifts from the MyPure website…I will do a post on that actually !

I am going to link you to the chemical check list once again ! You can look here to find out what may be harmful to your skin!