Monday update..

On one of the rainy cold days, before I left for Italy, I came home from work (in the rain of course) and there was a cheeky little package from DHL sitting on the chair in the hallway. I walked past it as I knew I hadn’t made any orders. Anyway whilst I was sitting infront of the fire sipping tea my dad brought the box in and told me to open it as the house looked messy. Cool. So that I did. How fantastic to find it was an amazing goodie box from Aussie ! 
It was filled with news of the next Aussie event which was a Take The Heat fireworks party ! I was very sad to not be able to go as I was going to be in Italy that weekend ! However.. you can head over to read about what Phoebe and Liloo had to say about the fun night they had with the Aussie team in Leeds !
Taken on my phone - for my blog

There was also some Take The Heat products…which my hair has been in need of.. so I shall let you know how I have been finding them. A delightful lavender heat bag – I always seem to sleep funny, I am sure you have heard be banging on about that a lot – So yes, the heat back has already been put to use and I adore it ! A hand warmer and hot chocolate nicely finished off the box off goodies ! 

If you went along to the Leeds event I would love to know all about it.



I need a little time to organise my photos from Italy, once I have done this I will write all about it ! I still have a day or two to write about in my travel diary.. I just didn’t have time towards the end of the holiday ! 
It has been all go since I got back. I have been editing a photos I did before I went away for Savvy.. actually.. you can see a sneaky peak of the shoot here.. and yes.. you can see me ! 

SAVVY PHOTOSHOOT / INTERVIEW from Saving Grace Music on Vimeo.

As well as that I have been busy at work, getting back to the gym and organising future trips ! It is all very exciting but this has sadly meant I have not had the chance to sit down and check over my Bloglovin – I think it has over 1000 posts for me to read at the moment !

I hope everyone is well and thank you for checking out my posts and hello to all you new readers !