Missing Italy…



It seems like so long ago that I was in Italy, at the top of a mountain hunting for truffles. Well, it was more the dogs who were looking for truffles and I was walking around taking photos of mushrooms and taking in the beautiful colours around me. I miss it so much, it was such a lovely holiday and delightful to see the countryside of Italy. I have been to Rome before but you don’t really get to see the real side to how the Italians live their life unless you stay with people who live there…and this is what I did. I went with D and stayed with some very lovely people, they made amazing food and took me to fantastic places. Everywhere was pretty and I just loved the fact that I was always able to see the mountains wherever I looked. It reminded me of being in Iran… and I always say this, but Iran is not how the media shows it…not at all ! So, where my family live in Tehran, you can see the lovely mountains and yet still be living right in the city. The friendly nature of everyone also reminded me of my family in Iran.. I must go visit there soon!