A to do list works a charm !

I have been quite busy the past week or so with flat hunting, getting back to work and looking for a second job for when I am back ! How has everyone been ?! I have had so much stuff I wanted to blog about but I just aint got round to it ! I am sure I will over the next few days as I have a little free time. At the moment I am writing a to do list of things i need to get done before going for the train in the morning. So far it it consists of :
Confirm where about the flat viewing is.
Put the photos onto a HD for the film team. 
Have a scan of any extra flats to try and view. 
Decide on what to wear … I always try and do this when I go to bed, I am sure you know by now it always takes me ages to fall asleep.

Not very exciting I know.. A few things on my list which are to get done by the end of the day:

Go to the gym.
Find some time to read The Weather Makers by Tim Flannery.
Find some time to catch up with blogs –  this wont be done till night.
Upload things to my Etsy page – TheVintageCarousel  – I should hopefully have some time to finally get this done.. I hope !
I also want to keep an eye on local vintage events that are happening around manchester, does anyone know of any ?

I am also listening to music via Mflow at the moment. Is anyone else on mflow? If so .. my name is : Dais … follow me and lets share some music !

Here is a sneaky peak at the film which they are producing where I work…