Can you Take The Heat?

Flip back to 2010 for just a moment ! I went to the Aussie Blogger market in Leeds, I took my mum with me as I couldn’t get my car out in the snow and had to take the train ! So off we went on the train with cupcakes and other goodies to The Loft in Leeds.

The purpose of the Aussie market was not just to have a day of fun with other bloggers. It was to display your talents and hobbies and to share them with everyone else. There were also some talks held by guest speakers which included ones on photography, flirting and vintage shopping. Can’t say I was crazy about the flirting one.. but then again everyone who listened in had fun! 

I changed what I was going to be doing at the market because I had been so busy at work. So I spent the night before baking…

I knew buying baking glitter was a good ideas !

These fairy cakes were made with brown sugar icing which makes a nice little change from the usual.

Fairy cakes
I also made a marble cake.

As always the Aussie girls puts lots of work into this day. The design of the place was fantastic and there was lots going on. If you wanted a minute away from all the fun and business you could pop into the next room and sit down with a mulled wine and have a bite to eat.

Elizabeth Clark was the flirt guru and you can find out more about her at her own website !

There was also Lena from The Style High Club. She was talking about vintage and you can go and check out her blog for lots of vintage inspiration !

Carlo from The Round Peg  did a fantastic seminar about photography. He gave the basic tips of how to use your camera, composition and much more ! You can find him on twitter @carlonicora. He was delightfully friendly and answered my many questions. 

The day was focused on Take The Heat products, which are to do as the name suggests .. protect your hair from heat damage. However… and I hate to say this, I don’t think that the shampoo and conditioner does any good for my skin. I seem to get little heat lumps on my skin after using it. Though I must say that this hasn’t happened every time I have used it. I do think I will stick to the volume one though.  
Pretty Christmas tree.

A table of snacks for everyone !

I went for a veggie burger.. which I can say was very yummy.


Of course being the run up to Christmas (Can not believe it has been and gone) there was mulled wine all around.