Cleaning out my closet…

I have also sent lots of clothes to the charity shop, my clothes rails have shrunk over night. In some ways that makes me a little sad, but then I remember that this is all about a fresh start and that someone else can have some happiness at finding and wearing my clothes in a new way! I will also be popping a few of my vintage items onto The Vintage Carousel when I have finished sorting and cleaning ! 
So.. yes I am already thinking about what I shall be restocking with… 
I am on the look out for hats, belts, dresses and skirts. I have some lovely shirts and t-shirts I didn’t want to part with and hope to find some pretty skirts to partner them up with ! I am also looking for some shoes with a medium sized heal, I kind of a little bit need a little height in my life !

A very quick bit of inspiration from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen during November/December.

From this I am taking inspiration from the black skinny jeans. I never wear jeans… never. I  always wear dresses or skirts. I am happy to try jeans again! I like that in this outfit the scarf is there to keep you warm and yet not look too overloaded in layers with the skinny jeans. This would be a good look for work. Oh and there we have the medium sized heal..

I have had this photo in my blog folder since November, I adore the colour of this outfit, especially at this time of year as it gives a nice warm feeling and can almost make you forget the cold. Once again it is something I am taking inspiration from for work.

Be expecting a lot more fashion based posts from me this year, it was the reason I started this blog. It quickly became a lifestyle blog, but as fashion is part of my lifestyle I say we start seeing more of it on Pretty Green Tea !