Living Nature Gentle Make-up Remover for Eye

Living Nature Gentle Make-up Remover For Eyes: £11.50
What they say: 

“This light and gentle formula with it’s soothing infusion of Harakeke and Kumerahou is perfect for even sensitive eyes while gently removing all traces of eye make-up. Highly acclaimed eye makeup remover in the 2010 edition of the Green Beauty Bible.”
It does get rid of all traces of eye make up, it does not make my eyes sting, nor do the itch after using it. So this really is for sensitive skin. However, the only thing I was not so keen on was the smell, it made me think of tcp, or some kind of medicated smell and I really do not like those kinds of smells ! I am using it everyday and I am getting a little more used to it and surely the fact that it does not irritate my eyes like some removers do this should be a good thing. Will I get used to the lack of pretty smell and the faint hint of something I’m less keen on ?! Well, we can only wait and see! I shall of course keep you updated on this. 

What I like about MyPure is that each time I try their products I learn something new.
A key ingredient of Living Nature Make up remover for eyes is:
Kumerahou :
“The Kumerahou plant has the wonderful ability to lather by just rubbing the flowers and leaves together in water.

Named Kumerahou by Maori, the flowering ofKumerahou coincides with the planting time for kumara (sweet 
potato). The leaves have often been used as a tea to help relieve lung congestion and expel mucus.

Parts used: Flowers and leaves.

Benefits: Gentle cleansing and anti-microbial.

Primary components: Saponins.”
I will continue to use Living Nature Remover as it really is good for my skin and my eyes don’t get irritated by it. Does the lack of smell make me think I wont invest in another bottle? I don’t know, Id like to think that as the smell it does have is so very light I will continue to buy this.However, I think I may try another natural remover but I get a feeling I will be pulled back to this one in the end.

What make up remover do you use?! Do you stick to the same one or try different ones ? I used to always use the same one, when they stopped doing it I changed to Simple but that even makes my eyes sore.. 

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