Men On Monday… 17/01/11

Ricky presents the Golden Globes:
I didn’t watch the Golden Globes, but of course I have heard the hype around the internet (read) about how good or how bad he was ! My opinion? I have no idea, I didn’t watch nor will I look at youtube clips.. I am a leeeetle too busy. However, Ricky is always going to be controversial, you know what you get when you book him. The same with Russell Brand and I must say I am a fan of both of them. Oh, and as we can see it has brought publicity to the Golden Globes… all publicity is good publicity as they say and there is never one presenter who will be to everyone’s taste !
Either way, you are either going to like or dislike a comedian …  there is a hell of a lot more important things which should be in focus at the moment …the BP deal on one of the last untouched wildernesses – Read more – Seriously, by now we should be taking care of this fragile world we live in, we should be protecting it and not going to untouched areas were lots of animals live and digging for oil. Especially after the whole oil spill situation. More info over at Greenpeace too 🙂 
Well, I bet you didn’t think that my post would switch topics like that did you ! Well there you go, I mixed it up a little. 
Another flip :  Men On Monday started as a chance to look at men’s came and went and now it is back. 
It took me a few minutes to realise that what I like about this outfit is that Johny Depp is not wearing a tie ! He has left out the tie and in my books this is a good thing. I like a bow tie, but not a regular tie, no no. After a little research ( it really did not take long ) I found out that his suit is Ralph Lauren Black Label and a white Anto shirt. As always I like the way he finishes his prim suit with some dirty biker boots and chains. 
Oh hello, here is the bow tie I was speaking of. Jake Gyllenhall in a Burberry tux with bow tie, he gets it spot on. I think I need to wear a bow tie more often, they look quite something on a white shirt under a black dress (for work I think – Mental note made).
and of course… for balance : the women… 
I have always had a soft spot for the odd shoes, I used sport white converse on the left foot and a blue on the right foot. So for me Helena Bonham Carter stands out, in a good way ! I like all the layers to her dress and the lovely metallic shades peeping through the black. She is a Tim Burton fairy in my eyes and this is why I am drawn to her. 
But then again, it is not just the Burton fairy I adore, I also thought that Leighton Meester looked totally wondrous. She looked elegant in Burberry with some killer Jimmy Choo heals, what is not to love ! 
What was your favourite look?!
Oh, this post became a lot deeper all of a sudden as I started to read about BP… anyway I hope you all have had a lovely Monday.