The Art Market Event – 2010

Back in November ( yes, flipping back to 2010 for just a moment ) I went to The Art Market Event in Holmfirth. I seem to have lost the photos from this day, except one of a lovely cup of coffee.

longley farm cafe holmfirth

 How I have lost the photos I have no idea, I am sure they will turn up.

To give you something pleasing for the eye, I took photos of all the business cards.

It is a fantastic little event, if you get a chance to go, then you must. The next will be in June, I think and I  hope to go again. I spoke to many lovely people, found it hard to not buy things for myself and friends and also came away with a delightful collection of business cards.

For all things vintage and yummy cakes take a look at The Marvellous Tea Dance Co at the end of the page you can enter into their main website and take a look a look around !

I sent @thylady a lovely notebook from Ted and Agnes and also got one for my friend G. You can no longer buy straight from their website, but there is two very pretty websites where you can find their products. One is  Lasso the Moon and the other is From The Wilde

I found the most fab bags at Juko Designs and got myself a pretty badge with a teapot on. It must have taken me about twenty minutes to pick one as there were so many lovely designs. It didn’t help that Janet came along with another box full of even more designs. Samina and Janet are the two fantastic people behind Junko Designs. They also hold workshops if your interested to learn more !

My teapot which I wear on my coat or my Lightspeed Champion bag. 

I really like Kate Thornton Design‘s, her website is full of such a wondrous collection of cards and prints.

I am a big fan of the robots over at Cheers Ceramics and I am sure you will be too!

Take me to the robots

I think these will make lovely gifts for the right person. 

 Then I found myself at the stall which was covered in everything from Dear Emma  and it was very delightful. Head over to the Etsy shop to see more !

As I am sure you can imagine, I am in love with this. I am quite tempted to purchase this when payday comes around.

VW Camper.. 

Starry Eyes Designs  – Martyne was such a lovely lady, I really enjoyed speaking to her and I hope to treat myself to a few little goodies when I can afford. She has such a wide variety of things she makes over at her Folksy.

I am really taken with this:

I am really glad I saw the wire sculptures by Chris Moss , I can’t explain how fantastic these were. They would look so fun in your garden.

This would look so fun hiding away in your garden. 
We have a rusty old metal horse in my parents garden… I am sure he would love this pretty girl as a new friend. 

Sue Candy Ceramics   had lovely items which would be perfect for a home by the seaside. Not sure by the sea of course, but that it what I thought as soon as I saw her work.

How pretty is this little tealight holder.

All photos are my own except for the ones of the products taken from each of the websites which you are reading about ! Oh and the photo of the badge is of course my own. Just saying like.