A lot more love for Lovea Bio

I have been testing out yet another Lovea Bio product. I really do adore this brand as does my skin. The Argan Oil Cell Renewal Body Scrub has not been a let down, although sometimes I did find that it didn’t want to come out of the tube with out a little fight ! However, this issue has now been resolved.
I have been using this twice a week, it leaves my skin very soft and smelling quite delightful. I have had no irritation from this product at all. As you know, I am a big fan of the Lovea Bio products and if any of you have sensitive skin you will know just how hard it is to exfoliate without causing your skin a lot of irritation. Well I promise you that this is fab and will treat your skin very kindly. 
“Lovea Bio Body Scrub with Argan Oil is formulated with orange peel, sugar and argan oil to gently exfoliate and promote cell renewal.” 
£7.49 – I would be happy to pay for this when I run out as I think that it is something which my skin needs and benefits from. 
I will be replacing this photo with one of my own.. moving to a new apartment has caused internet based issues ! 

I hope you are all well  !