Gogo Buzz Gum !

I eat lots of fruit, veg and all things green but due to my insomnia I sometimes find I need a little energy boost, especially when I go and do 78 lengths…hell yes, I did that in the lovely swimming pool at my gym today. Anyway, my point is that this energy gum is fantastic, i picked up a packet on my last day at Holland and Barrett last week ! 
It has Guarana in it which is full of caffeine and helps to boost your memory, alertness and mood ! I find it has been really good chewing it before the gym or during work when I feel like I am falling off the tracks a little and even though I am a workaholic this does happen. 
Oh i try not to over do it too much too.. just in case it makes my heart flutter a little due to asthma issues !
I of course will be buying more this week ! 

Just wanted to share that with you !