Living Nature.. with a dash of active Manuka…

Within the first week I got the Living Nature hand cream my mum stole it.. I had to go sneak it our of her handbag to use it ! We both adore it, I believe the magic ingredient is Manuka honey. I have become such a fan of Manuka honey, eating it, using it in lip balm form and now im getting my Manuka fix via this cream. 
What is Manuka honey ?!

Manuka honey comes from New Zealand where beekeepers set up their hives in wild uncultivted areas in which Manuka bushes grow. The bees gather nectar from the flowers of the Manuka bush, which is indigenous only to New Zealand. The honey making process is enriched by the pollution free environment of New Zealand, and certain harvests of Manuka Honey have attracted the gaze of the medicial and scientific community. Some of the Manuka Honey produced has been found to have some very special properties indeed. – Link

The cream is so very thick and just perfect for keeping dry hands…erm not dry ! I really don’t even feel the need to keep applying it as often as I normally do with many of the other creams I use. It has a very light but pretty smell and really does help to repair sore hands as well has protect them. I have found that many creams do a good job of protecting your hands, but stop using them and your hands become sore and then they fail to repair any damage. Thankfully I think I have found my dream hand cream ( along with Hemp from The Body Shop ).

This is more of an expensive one at £12.49… but having used it and knowing how good it is for my skin I think it really is worth every single penny. 

I must remember to order my mum a tube of this next time i visit the Mypure website !