Louis Theroux is back on our screens 3/4/11

Tonight at 9:00pm on BBC 2 the fantastic Louis Theroux will be taking us back for a visit to the ‘Most hated Family In America’. If you haven’t seen his first visit then I do suggest you get hold of it and watch as it really is a fantastic documentary ! The heart of the documentary is the Westboro Baptist Church, in the first episode Louis spent a week with a family and questioned them and quizzed them on what they believe in.It is four years on and he is heading back there….

I am a big fan of Louis Theroux and am really looking forward to watching this tonight, I am keen to see if any of the young girls he spoke to last time have left and or if they are still part of the church.
I think that Louis should do more books to go by the side of his documentaries in a diary style of thoughts and photographs. I think you know what I am going to say now, I do believe that I should be the photographer to tag along with him on his vists and travels. So Louis Theroux … give me a shout. 🙂

Will any of you be watching ?! Do you watch Louis Theroux’s shows often ?!


Edit: So what did we think, i heard some say that they thought it was a let down, a little boring and the same as last time. Well, I thought it was fab, it set out what it was meant to do and in my eyes that was to look into the aftermath of those who left. Looking at how those who have left are now living their lives, do they miss their family, will they see them again and of course why did they leave. Also Louis delved into how the family of those who had left were feeling, how had they coped with another person leaving the Westboro Baptist Church especially a member of their own family. I was pleased with the documentary, Louis does not always go back to people he has visited apart from Christmas with Louis, so I think he did this re-visit well, he showed people who didn’t see the first visit what the Westboro Baptist Church is all about, he answered the questions of those who had seen the first and wanted to know what happens to those who leave the church and he gave people the platform to speak and air what they think… that is what I love about Louis Theroux.. I can’t wait for more documentaries. Oh, I will say it once more, Louis, next time you go to film please give me a call so I can be your photographer.