Living Nature handwash

Living Nature is a winner again ! 
I took a risk with this one, I usually try to use products that say they are good for sensitive skin, this one states it is good for ‘all skin types’. I am so glad I went for this, I had been using a sensitive skin one from the supermarket (no names need to be mentioned as everyone has different skin ) but it did state it was for the sensitive type and it was really driving my hands crazy! As soon as I changed and started to use the Living Nature hand-wash from MyPure  i noticed a huge difference, my hands had no irritation after use, fantastic ! It has a lovely lemony smell, only slightly but it is more than enough. 
This is £9.78 at the moment, if you have skin which can be irritated by other soaps then I would go for this one, totally worth the money. However, if you don’t have any problems with your skin then just keep on with what you are using as this could be a little expensive. For those of us with silly sensitive skin I think it is good to spend a little extra to buy something that will really make a difference to your daily routine. 
Oh, i must mention that this has Manuka honey in it, which you may remember form my last review of Living Nature cream here – it also contained Manuka and i found fab ! This soap wash also has Kelp in it, which is a plant extract and is very good for your skin, hair and benefits from having antiseptic properties.